Make Freelancing Be Self Reliant

When we look around, we see many unemployed young men and women. Many people are helpless and unemployed, someone or father has a lot of money so they don’t do any work. However, there are not many unemployed people who eat at my father’s hotel, but there is no way, there are many unemployed people who are not getting good jobs. Every year thousands of educated unemployed are being created in the country. The question is why we have to be unemployed even though we are educated and have good results. The reason is that the job market is not growing at the rate at which the number of educated people is increasing in the country. So today is the stage of the educated people of our country. Speaking of which, how can this huge educated mass be transformed into wealth? Yes there is a way to answer. Let’s not know what the way is.

What is freelancing?

Many people have heard the word freelancing or outsourcing. However, it has not been said before that the words freelancing and outsourcing have two meanings but differently, freelancing means doing the work of others independently and outsourcing means doing the work of others for money. It can be inside or outside the country. This means that a freelancer, no matter what country he is from, no matter what his language is, if he is proficient in any job, he can earn money by working at home or in his office as any buyer in the country or abroad. The point is that freelancing is not the name of a job, it is the name of a profession, those who teach are called teachers, those who do business are called businessmen, and those of us who do freelancing are called freelancers. Since freelancing is our main topic today, I will try to highlight this topic as much as possible today.

Who will do the freelancing?

Are you an educated unemployed? Not satisfied with the current job or salary? Do you know good English? Can any work that can be done online look good? Want to support yourself and your family in addition to your studies? If the answer to 1 of these questions is yes for you, then Mr. Freelancing is for you. I have personally seen that many boys and girls of our society come to Dhaka for higher education and after a while they face a lot of financial crisis. The parents of a handful of us may be adults, but most are poor or middle-income families. These boys and girls, for the sake of money, many find tuition and many do not. They have to listen with great difficulty. My writing today is basically for those brothers and sisters. We know the world is in our hands now, but that’s true. If you want to know, ask Google once and you will get 100 answers immediately. If this is the case then why aren’t we making some extra money using our smartphones and computers? There is internet in every house today, especially in the homes of young people, there must be broadband or modem internet line. In our society, boys and girls are wasting their leisure time in various ways, some are hanging out in tea shops, some are going to play, some are going for walks with friends. At the end of the month, he takes a good amount of money from his parents to run himself. Brother, the day has changed, change yourself a little. You may know how hard it is for your parents to send you money, so use a little ingenuity to save yourself and your family.

What does it take to do freelancing?

If you want to get into this profession, the first thing you need is 1 decent desktop or laptop and 1 smartphone of any quality with full time internet connection. You also need to have a great deal of patience. Interested in learning something on your own, there is usually no one called your boss. So, you have to motivate yourself, you have to finish your work at your own risk. You have to be able to understand, listen and read English well, otherwise you have to master it. Need to know how to use Google. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. That means there is no way to be dependent on others. Because, those who are already doing well as a freelancer, they actually have a lot of trouble giving time to someone other than the client. For example, I am online all the time, it is necessary for my work. Many people give me a massage and want to know that, even if I can’t do it immediately, I will reply later. Now when you start working, the senior gave a massage to someone, he may not reply immediately. You assumed he was arrogant and kept saying that to people. Do not forget this work, because when you work and you will get regular work, you will understand why that brother is late in answering your message or could not. Many people may find that those who go into this profession think that they are either a little stupid or they could not do anything else so they went to do this job. Again, many people do not seem to do this thing in a way, just sit down with a laptop and internet connection and empty dollars and dollars come out from behind the computer. Brother stop, freelancing is not so easy. When you do something in your area, who is your competitor, maybe someone from your area. But here you have to compete with skilled people from different countries of the world. So you will need more qualifications and skills in this profession than 4/5 hours.

How to get started?

You can start at no extra cost if you want. I have already said that you need to have a computer and internet connection. So I assume you have these two things. So now your job is to decide what you want to do, what you want to do with freelancing. There are many kinds of work in this world.  You can easily do any work that you do not need to be physically sitting at home. Such as web design and development, graphics design, SEO, SMM, web research, data entry etc. You can find out what jobs are available in the market only by visiting the marketplaces. The categories are given there. From there, read on Google about the job of your choice, how to do the job, whether you can do this job. If you think the job is your choice, you can learn and do. Then start reading about it on YouTube and Google. Paid courses are available for almost all jobs and you can buy them online if needed. You will get and paid courses. Several popular marketplaces are: Upwork,, Fiber, People’s Per Hour and Besides, there are many big sites like 99 Design, Themeforest, Envato etc. You have to learn to work on your own initiative, you can learn to work from any good quality training center in the country if you want. Although I can’t say whether you will be able to work in the market with that education, you can at least learn the basics. Once you learn the basics, you can learn the rest by Google.

Your problems and solutions:

1) Brother, I can’t speak English well, what should I do?

You see, brother, I have never been above “C” grade in English in my whole life. I mean, I’m passing Tenetune. But now I am working with buyers from many more countries including America, Canada, Britain. Where, I’m not having a problem. In the beginning it wasn’t like that at all, then I used Google Translator. I used to watch old English movies, I used to read English magazines, I used to read if I didn’t understand. I used to watch movies and try to understand which word they are pronouncing in which way. You too can use these intellects. If you can, practice with someone at home, don’t be shy. There is nothing to be ashamed of.

2) I can not use the computer properly?

The main weapon of freelancing work is computer so you have to know its basic usage. Browsing, emailing, messaging are all common tasks, they must be done. If not, first learn how to use a computer from a training center.

3) I can do some work, how do I start now?

Never enter the market with the ability to do something or a little. Learn to work well first, take time if necessary and then come to the market. Many people keep bidding without knowing the job, then they don’t get the job or even if they get it, they can’t do it. The buyer gives a dispute, the ID is lost, then there is no such thing as freelancing, that brother or sister is all fake. This means that if you can’t eat, your fingers will be sour.

4) How to buy paid courses?

You can find them on or UDM. The price is not high, the price of the course is around 9-12 dollars. If you do not have your own card, take the help of those who have a card. If you have a passport, you can get an international card yourself from Eastern Bank. The name of the card is EBL Aqua Card. The cost of the card is not as high as 560 BDT. Annual charge is about 500 BDT. Hope you have solved the problem.

5) Laptop or desktop?

You can work with any one. However, laptops are good if you need to travel. Remember there is no substitute for desktop for professional work. Whatever you buy, don’t take less than 8 GB of memory. Personally, I use the desktop more. You have to keep in mind the smartphone, you can keep in touch with the buyer all the time if it is a smartphone of any fair quality.

6) How much money can be earned?

There is no limit to earning money here, you will earn as much as you work. There is no work, no money. However, when you learn and can do a good job, you will be able to earn from 30 thousand to 1 lakh and understand the type of work. There are some who earn several lakhs a month, they are the top level freelancers in the country.

6) How to raise money?

You learn to work before you work. If you think at the beginning about raising money, you will not work anymore. Every marketplace has different gateways to raise money. The most popular is to withdraw money at the bank or pioneer. I will tell you one day how to open an account in Pioneer.

Things to keep in mind:

1) If you want to do freelancing, you have to stay up at night, so drink plenty of water while working or learning.

2) If you work for several years continuously, you may get back pain, so work straight from the beginning and buy chairs and tables while sitting.

3) Since we have to look at the monitor all the time, so every 30 minutes or 1 hour, but once a little walk and tears. The eye will be good.

4) Keep with adequate food at night, eat plenty of fruit.

5) Adequate sleep is very important for the body. Since you have to work at night, sleep well during the day. Do not stay awake all night and sometimes work during the day. If you do not put sun on the body, various problems may occur.

We urge our Christian brothers and sisters of all faiths to work, learn, work, build their own future and encourage others to build. Our request to our fathers and brothers is that when there is a meeting or seminar with the young women of the country, if they have a 30 minute or 1 hour session on freelancing, then they will know about it, then they will not have to suffer financially and will be self-sufficient. People no longer have to pay for tuition at their doorsteps. The suffering of parents will also be alleviated. Especially after SSC or HSC with boys and girls.

There are programs where it would be great to have a session on this subject. Because, I know how much real life a student faces after passing Inter. And if I am called to such a program, I will definitely try to go.

Finally, I would like to say, no more being unemployed. Let’s become self-reliant and take the country to a unique height. My selfishness is only if one person and unemployment are eliminated in my writing.